The only thing worse than the Yuletide traditional torture that is battling shopping centre crowds four days before Christmas, is not being able to leave the godforsaken hell afterwards.

But, apparently, Santa truly fkn hates shoppers at the Castle Towers Shopping Centre in Sydney, because they were trapped in a car park traffic jam for up to three miserable hours while trying to escape the place yesterday afternoon. And, much like a trapped coyote will gnaw its own foot off to get free, they probably tried to cope with the situation by doing much the same. (Unconfirmed, but you never know.)  

The situation became so dire that some people just straight up abandoned their cars and bailed home in a taxi, reported 2GB.

According to Channel 7, the jam was thanks to nearby roadworks caused by the construction of the North West Rail Link.


Roadworks. Peak shopping periods.

The offish statement from Castle Towers said they were doing everything they could to assist with traffic management in this busiest of shopping centre times, which included roping in the local police to help out at key entrances and exits.

“During the final days of the popular Christmas trading period the surrounding roads are busy, and Castle Towers Management is doing everything they can at this time to ensure that our customers can enter and exit the Centre in a timely and safe manner,” said centre manager Martin Ollis.

But if you’re wondering how best to deal with this situation should it arise in the future, dear readers who drive and still haven’t gotten their Christmas shopping sorted, this dude has nailed it:

Story: 2GB.

Picture: Channel 7.