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A Sydney woman has taken to TikTok to recount a scary incident where a man tried to lure her out of her car while she was driving home one night.

Alyssa Gray, 33, was driving home in the Rozelle / Balmain area on Saturday March 13 at around 10pm when she reached a set of lights and the man in the car beside her started talking to her. Alyssa’s partner was sitting behind her but because she had her surfboard in the car, he was not clearly visible to other drivers.

The guy to the left of her called out from his car and told her that she had left her phone on her roof. She knew she hadn’t as her phone was in the car with her so she refused to get out of the car, despite the other guy pressuring her to do so.

As the guy continued to insist that she pull over, her partner winded down his window and the guy in the other car became “taken aback” as he must’ve assumed that she was on her own. At that point, the guy sped off.


Please be careful and it’s probably best you don’t wind your windows down for strangers. Sorry for my fidgeting.. #sydney #australia #scary #fyp

♬ original sound – Alyssa Gray

“At first I was very confused because it happened so fast and then as I thought it over I started to become more and more uncomfortable with the whole situation,” TikTok user Alyssa told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“A man thinking I’m alone and trying to get me out of my car at night is disturbing. So I now am very cautious when I go places alone whereas I wasn’t like that before.”

Alyssa said that “95%” of responses “have been really positive.”

“A large amount of women and young girls have even said they would’ve pulled over or stepped out of their car and looked for their phone,” she said. “And for that reason I am so happy I posted it.”

She said she’s also had people on TikTok “flat out calling me a liar, saying I was doing it for likes or that it is a joke or a prank,” adding that she “found these responses concerning.”


Reply to @yasinbigwheels_ Questions answered.. Thank you for the support and for helping to get the message out there x #sydney #australia #fyp

♬ original sound – Alyssa Gray

She concluded by saying that she’s happy she posted about the incident on TikTok so as to protect other women while driving.

Alyssa has reported the incident to the police.

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