Only Rookies Trust Sydney Sunshine Bc There’s More Rain & A Storm Brewing As We Speak

kermit rain meme Sydney weather

Forget the gloriously sunny weather Sydney was gifted with over the weekend, Mother Nature’s love bombing period is over and now she’s in her villain era.

For a moment we thought there would be respite from the disastrous weather pummelling the east coast these last few weeks. But then NSW’s north flooded again just as the city started to recover.

Now a new wave of severe rain and storms is headed to NSW’s east coast — in case you haven’t already noticed the constant rain Sydney has been lashed with since the crack of dawn.

BOM senior hydrologist Ailsa Schofield told 9News NSW could see up to 500mm of rain by the end of the week.

“On Wednesday we might see rainfall total in excess of 100mm,” she said.

“On Thursday we might see rainfall totals in excess of 200-250mm.

“On Friday we will see higher rainfall totals in excess of 150mm.”

Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe warned that the this cursed rain could cause more flash-flooding for the state. Have we not been through enough?!

“Heavy falls are a serious threat. So, flash flooding on Thursday is quite a risk because it’s already so wet underfoot in many areas, particularly closer to the coastline, such as in Sydney,” he said.

“Flash flooding, especially if any thunderstorms develop, could be significant.

“In terms of the flooding, I’m expecting minor to moderate Riverine flooding for quite a few rivers in that region and there’s a chance one or two rivers might reach major flood levels in a couple of locations,” Mr Sharpe said.

Sydney’s wet weather is expected to last all the way to the weekend and might continue into next week, meaning you’re probably going to have to cancel your Saturday beach swim.

Sydney, Wollongong and areas down into Batemans Bay will probably see around 100mm of rain in the following eight days, potentially even 200mm.

NSW SES has reminded people to stay away from flood waters and to avoid driving through them.

“It is likely parts of NSW including the central coast, Sydney, the Illawarra (region) and south coast will experience heavy rainfall in a short time period,” NSW SES Assistant Commissioner Dean Storey said, per

“This means we will see flash flooding occur where roads could become flooded quite quickly.

“The majority of the flood rescues the NSW SES carried out recently were for people who got caught in their cars in rising flood waters.”

Stay indoors and stay safe people!