NSW Will Cop Temps Nudging 40 Today If You Feel Like Bursting Into Flames

Ladies and germs of New South Wales, we have hit the most important milestone of a new year: the first total fire ban. With temperatures in the state set to go as high as 40 degrees, we’ve broken our streak of slightly, slightly milder weather.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rebecca Farr told the Sydney Morning Herald that temperatures in the high 30s at least are expected across the state, including in Sydney.

We’re seeing a dry front approach from the west to move into the region, bringing gusty and strong windy conditions, with winds up to gale force expected. With these dry, hot and windy conditions, we are seeing elevated fire dangers for much of the state, with severe and even extreme areas, particularly in the east of the state including the ACT and Sydney.

The Sydney CBD will hit 37C, and it will go to 38C out in Penrith. In areas of the state’s northwest it will punch past 40C.

Unfortunate news for those without air conditioners in Sydney: the heat is not really going to dissipate until about midnight when a cool front moves up from the South Coast.

Temperatures will be far milder and more pleasant throughout the week. We will prevail.