Sydney Was So Cold This Morning That The Water Pipes Froze Over

Sydney mates, it wasn’t just you. It really was cold as balls this morning. Full on Brass Monkey weather. Bone-chillingly frigid. So cold, in fact, that large parts of the city copped a covering of frost that many haven’t seen, well… ever.

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A run of extremely cold overnight lows across the weekend resulted in commuters waking up this morning in the rudest way possible, with ice blanketing the ground and gathering on the windscreens of cars across the state.

The temperature in Sydney at Observatory Hill hit a low point of 4.8 degrees at 7:00am this morning, but the apparent temperature (aka what we actually feel) hit a low of a chilly -0.8 degrees an hour earlier at 6:00am.

The air temperature in other parts of Sydney was even colder, with Penrith hitting a low of -1.6 at 6:30am this morning.

All this combined for a solid coverage of frost right across the city, with car windscreens icing up as far in as the inner western suburbs.

The frosty ground made for some spectacular viewing in grassy parts of the city, including golf courses which glistened in the new morning sun, and bodies of water that threw up steam on the surface as the water reacted to the crisp air.

It was so cold across the city, in fact, that the water in fire hoses froze over, making life difficult for firefighters in Uralla working to extinguish a house fire.

The low temperatures even prompted Sydney Water officials to issue a warning to folks affected by frozen water lines not to pour hot water on their pipes.

The chilly days are at an end for the time being, however. With temperatures set to warm up slightly overnight in the coming days, with maximum daytime temperatures set to return to the low 20s across Sydney later this week.