Cheers To This Absolute Legend Who Just Watched Fast And Furious Off A Projector On A Sydney Train

sydney train man film projector

What’s something that screams, “I catch the Western line”, without actually saying it? I’ll go first: this TikTok featuring an absolute champion setting up his own home theatre experience on the train and making himself at home.

Yesterday, TikTok user Rinza Ghimire (@rinzaghimire) shared a clip from her voyage home and of her unexpected and unbothered co-passenger. In it, a man was caught on video lounging on one of the six seaters on a Sydney train heading to Harris Park station and having an undeniably good time on public transport (if such a thing exists???). 

In what can only be called the premier form of public transport, the hoodie-wearing bloke was seen massaging himself with one of those viral massage guns, and watching one of the Fast and Furious flicks not off his phone or a laptop, but off a projector on the fucking wall. 

To top it all off? Ghimire said that the man was seen eating pizza, too. Folks, what the fuck are we doing with our lives? We’re living in 2021 while this man is living in 3031. 

“Well, if he is going to Penrith, then might as well be comfortable,” read one comment. 

“He got that gold class train ticket,” added another.

Apparently, this guy does this a lot. Another user commented that they’ve seen him before back in April. And yes, “he even had that massager.”

You can check out the video below.


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While I’d be annoyed if he streamed something more recent like Marvel’s Loki series, as far as cursed stories of the people you find on public transport, this is pretty tame. I mean, compare this bloke to the four stowaways who were found hiding on a freight train in South Australia or the extremely cursed “Nude Man Train Slide” on a Victorian train. Never forget, Mr, Nude Man Train Slide.

Anyway, I wish this man a safe and looong journey home so he can finish this film, and hope he never decides to marathon The Final Destination series on his commute. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to try to set up this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under on my bus ride home.