Cop The Gnarliest Footage From The Storm Which Battered Sydney Yesterday

Hey Sydney, how are you holding up? You doing alright? We certainly hope so, considering the absolutely gnarly storm system which pelted the city yesterday.

In case you missed it – and if you were there, missing it would have been a pretty significant task – Sydney was absolutely battered by intense rainfall and hail for much of the day.

NSW SES responded to 350 call-outs by yesterday evening, many of which involved downed trees and damaged roofs. The service reported Blacktown, Goulburn, Liverpool and the Hills regions were hardest hit.

Damage and disruption was reported further north, too. ABC reports around 1,000 homes dotted between the Northern Beaches and the Central Coast were without electricity this morning as a result of the onslaught.

Sydney Airport suffered serious disruptions as a result of the maelstrom. Travellers looking to depart the city last night were forced to sleep inside the terminal after the cancellation of 44 flights to and from the airport, despite the Federal Government signing off on a rare exemption from the 11pm flight curfew to ease congestion.

The knock-on effects are still being felt this morning, and travellers have been advised to check in with their airlines regarding specific delays.

The Bureau Of Meteorology states there’s a chance thunderstorms will continue this afternoon. Take care out there, folks.