Here’s Why Sydney Is Absolutely Covered In Thick, Smelly Clouds Of Smoke This Morning

Smoke is blanketing Sydney this morning.

Just over a year on from the chaos and destruction of last summer, Sydney is once again covered in smoke, but this time, it’s due to hazard reduction burns taking place all around the state.

The result is that the whole city looks foggy and the smell of smoke lingers in the air. The worst-hit suburbs, according to air quality alerts, are Chullora, Randwick, Earlwood and Lidcombe.

“Light winds and an overnight inversion has resulted in smoke settling in low lying residential areas,” a NSW RFS spokesperson said in a statement.

Blade runner kind of morning
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“Smoke is forecast to then begin to lift and clear across the morning as the day begins to warm up.

“Strategies have been put in place to reduce the impact of smoke on the community, including the postponement of a number of planned burns and a reduction in area burnt for others.”

The Bureau of Meteorology also warned drivers to be careful this morning because, you know, visibility has gone to shit.

“Fog developed in the western suburbs, and it’s currently making its way eastward and moving over eastern suburbs, so [we’re] expecting driving conditions to be a little bit hazardous,” meteorologist James Taylor told the ABC.

While the NSW RFS has had to scale back some of its hazard reduction burns because of how the smoke has ended up smothering us all, the organisation did stress that this was still an opportune time to undertake this kind of work.

“This has been a very good opportunity for us to do these burns,” NSW RFS Inspector Ben Shepherd told 2GB on Monday morning.

Misty Morning Looking Down on Hyde Park this Morning
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“This has been some of the best burning weather that we’ve had in over a year so it’s important that we did it.”

The smoke is supposed to ease up as the day gets warmer, so expect the skies to be clear by midday.