The ongoing inquest into the Lindt Café Siege continues to throw out heavy new details into the events of December 15, 2014, with the latest being the very real possibility that gunman Man Haron Monis had an accomplice who drove him to the scene.

The inquest heard yesterday that investigators found no evidence on CCTV footage of his movements via trains or buses, there were no sightings of him using taxis to travel from his Wiley Park home to Martin Place, and there is no trace of him staying at any local hotel.

“There is a real possibility he was dropped in the city in a car driven by persons or person unknown,” said counsel assisting the inquest Jeremy Gormly SC, adding that police are still investigating who that may have been.

Gormly also played the inquest the gut-wrenching audio of café manager Tori Johnson, who was later executed by Monis, as he made a 000 phone call with a gun to his head.

In the recording, Johnson is being forced to read a statement from Monis. He remains completely calm throughout, even while the 000 operator argues with him about where, exactly, is ‘the corner of Martin Place and Phillip St’.

Tori: “The cross street is Martin Place and Phillip St.”

Operator: “But is Martin Place actually a, it’s not actually a street.”

Tori: “Martin Place is a street, yes. It’s a pedestrian street.”

Operator: “Okay, but it’s not actually a road. I need a road.”

The full recording can be listened to here, but please be aware that it may cause distress.

Photo: CCTV / Channel 7.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.