I’m going to let you in on a secret: sex is a pretty awesome thing to do. Unfortunately, getting your fuck on also comes with a whole lot of other baggage. For something that nearly everyone alive loves doing, we’ve managed to tie up boning down into a complex mess of emotions and relationships and secrets and shame that means (for most people) you can’t easily good, obligation-free sex with all the weird shit you’re into whenever you want. That’s where sex work comes in.

Whether you’re too pressed for time to sort out a root the traditional way (going to a bar you hate for 6 hours), into some shit that requires equipment/training, want to do something you’d find a bit awkward to ask a partner, or are just interested to know what it’s like to have sex with a professional instead of all these amateurs you’ve been mucking around with, sex work is the answer to the most universal problem after hunger: horniness.

It’s a pretty mysterious world though. Thanks to a combination of social stigma and, to a greater extent, prohibitive legislation, sex work is mostly either discussed in hushed tones, in relation to a political scandal, or as a pejorative – meaning people are pretty bloody curious as to how all that works.

Luckily for us, a very generous sex worker from Sydney decided to the internet the low down, doing an AMA on r/Australia to explain the ins and outs of the game. In Reddit user growlergirl‘s own words:

“I’ve been meaning to do this AMA for a while because on top of being an actual whore, I am also a karma whore. I first entered the industry in my late teens 5 and a half years ago when I went to work in a high-profile Sydney brothel.

“Since then I have worked at 6 different brothels in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. In early 2014, fed up with brothel life, I moved to Perth to set myself up as a private escort. I was lucky to get in on the tail-end of the mining boom.

“One year later I had a mental breakdown and left the industry for 9 months. I returned nearly a year ago, this time in Sydney and I haven’t looked back since. I regularly tour interstate. I plan to retire in June this year when I move overseas to study for my Masters.

“Ask any question you want.”

We’ve sifted through for the gold, so strap in.

On how often she works:

“Depends. I went 23 December 2016 to 21 January without any bookings because it is typically the quietest time of year for the sex industry. Then suddenly it picked up massively and I’ve had 2-3 bookings per week since, averaging about 3 grand per week. Last October I didn’t get any bookings for about 3 weeks. It’s unpredictable to say the least.”

Related to that $3000 per week figure, her rates:

“$550 for the first hour, $1050 for the next then $300 for each additional hour. $2500 for 12 hours and $5000 for 48 hours.”

On who her usual clientele is:

“Mostly white-collar type professions, more Caucasian, Indian and Asian than other races, and mostly in the 40-60 age group. I’m happy with this, because these guys are well mannered and really generous.”

The weirdest shit she’s been asked to do:

“I used to have a spiral staircase in my Perth apartment. One client used to like sitting underneath it and jack off while I walked up and down the staircase. He had an upskirt fetish.

“I’ve had phone calls from dudes requesting incest role play but I always turn these down- I don’t have it in me to act it out. I have a few brothers. I remember watching Gladiator with one of them. That was awkward for us.”

The most she’s ever paid for avo toast (highly important):

“$19, in Perth. And no, I’ve never bought property.”

Why she got into the industry:

“I got into the industry for the money, pure and simple. I suppose the part of my personality that prompted me to make that decision is the fact that I’ve always been an oddball. So it wasn’t as big a deal for me to go into an oddball profession.

“What kept me there, well, I’ve left numerous times blaming it for my mental problems. But every time I left my mental health problems were still there.

“Contrary to my previous beliefs, sex work has been the best thing for my mental health. I always had enough savings to keep a roof over my head and food in my fridge when I had a depressive episode, and without it I wouldn’t have been able to afford to see a psychiatrist for $330 per hour.”

A lot of people were curious about whether or not she paid tax, which she absolutely does (there is no escape from the tax man).

Also, there’s… this:

So close.

The whole thing is pretty interesting, you can take a gander here.

Source: Reddit.