Another Sydney Renter Has Shared A Fucked Email His Real Estate Agent Accidentally Sent Him

sydney tenant email

Inspired by the fuckery and chaos that has been going down in the world of real estate recently, yet ANOTHER Sydney renter has come out of the woodwork to show off a nasty email that was accidentally sent to them in 2020.

30-year-old renter Gavin shared the wild email he received three years ago to Its contents, while relatively simple, are shocking as fuck.

According to the screenshots provided by the semi-anonymous renter, the fkd email was accidentally sent to him from a real estate agent while he was applying for a place to live in Sydney’s gorgeous inner west area.

In response to his application, Allan Dale Real Estate (ADRE) agent Slavko Skender allegedly wrote back: “Can you please register this clown.” CLOWN? EXCUSE ME?

Clearly, this email was meant for Skender’s colleagues. One can assume (and hope) that this is a running joke he has to pass the time. After all, our mate Gavin was just looking for a rental. He didn’t do anything wrong!

“I was incensed,” Gavin told

“I immediately called the ADRE front office and registered my complaint, which ultimately was never followed up to its conclusion.”

According to Gavin, an apology was never received from Skender after a multitude of complaints. It’s been THREE years since you (allegedly) called this man a clown! Real estate agents act normally for two seconds challenge.

In another screenshot of his emails, Gavin revealed one of the last exchanges he had with management: an email allegedly sent from Allan Dale Real Estate’s reception reassuring him that someone will be in touch.

“I have passed on your details,” the email read.

“I’m so sorry that you received this. Please don’t take this personal.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about folks in real estate talking shit — just a few days ago a Sydney tenant made a TikTok video alleging she had discovered a Facebook group full of NSW property managers hating on her.

With shit getting so dire out here, most of us just want an affordable place to live. It sucks that we have to be called clowns in the process.

Off to my clown car I go, I guess *honk honk*.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to ADRE for comment.