Just Some Intense Photos And Vids From Today’s Monstrous Sydney Rainstorm

It is a bit wet in Sydney today, and punters have noted that fact by sharing footage of the light drizzles on social media. 

Residents across the city have inadvertently done a pretty good job of demonstrating how soggy it is to their interstate brethren, thanks to this kind of sopping wet footage from the CBD:

The storm has literally and figuratively dampened Sydney’s tourism industry for the day, as evidenced by images of the barely-visible Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Commuters have also documented the manifold ways the rain has impacted the city’s rail system. Photos from the flooded Lewisham station underpass and other impacted hubs make the storm’s impact pretty clear:


News.com.au reports the State Emergency Service has received 200 calls for assistance, including at least six calls to rescue drivers from floodwaters.

Commuters have been urged to take extreme care on the city’s roads, many of which have been inundated.

As if the footage and those warnings did not already put the storm’s scale in perspective, multiple weather stations in the broader Sydney area have already recorded rainfall over the past day well above November’s total average monthly rainfall.

The storms are expected to continue into the afternoon. As always, stay safe folks.