Sydney has officially copped more rain in the last week than London sees in an entire year. The NSW capital was absolutely soaked with 733mm of rain between Friday and Monday while London’s average yearly rainfall sits at around 615mm. This left me wondering what other cities our sopping Sydney has surpassed in this season of slosh?

The first place I thought of was Seattle — a notoriously rainy city in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A truly dreary place.

Seattle’s annual rainfall sits at around 37 inches which shakes out to be 939mm. Sydney’s not quite at that point yet, but being around 200mm shy of Seattle’s yearly precipitation in under a week is pretty bloody decent.

Another place that my mind goes to when I think of miserable weather is right up the top of Europe — Russia. The country’s capital Moscow gets about 689mm of rain per year so yep, Sydney’s beaten out the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic too.

Closer to home, Melbourne’s considered one of the wettest cities in Australia. I mean Melb winter is essentially living under a heavy cloud blanket for three straight months and when it rains it absolutely fucking pours for days on end.

Melbourne’s annual rainfall is around 649mm, so our rival city Sydney has won this argument for once. I’ll let ’em have it.

I asked around the office and a couple of people told me when they think of rainy cities they think of Edinburgh in Scotland. The Scottish city gets a yearly dumping of 730mm of rain. That’s the closest I’ve seen to Sydney’s recent numbers.

The NSW capital narrowly bested the Scots with a mere 3mm of rain over the last week. But och aye we were close.

The most important city to measure against sodden Sydney is none other than Forks, Washington. Both the Twilight town and the actual location near Seattle. Unlike its Pacific Northwest neighbour, Forks gets a whopping 110 INCHES of rain.

That works out to around 2800mm and is far wetter than Sydney has been in the last week. I daresay if anywhere on the coast copped that much rain it would be… bad. Honestly not something I even want to think about.

Well there you go, Sydney’s wetter than Melbourne and Moscow but definitely not as sopping as the Cullen stomping ground of Forks, Washington. Stay dray out there, folks.

Image: Getty Images / James D. Morgan / Twitter / @Brett_McLeod