Sydney Police Were Filmed Parking In A Bus Zone So They Could Get A Pork Roll & How Fitting?

Now I’m not trying to make a ‘police are pigs’ joke, because quite frankly, they’ve already done that for me. Yes, a couple of cheeky Sydney police officers were caught parking their highway patrol car in a bus zone, so one could nip down the road and grab a pork roll. PORK I tells ya!!!

Footage of the incident obtained by shows the moment two policemen parked outside King’s Hot Bread in Hurstville to score a mean feed. One officer stands beside the car, while the other one lines up to grab the roll. Look, at least he had the decency to wait in line, instead of trying to bypass that too.

“You told me once, the reason you’re parked in a bus zone with your lights on is so your mate over there can get his hot roll … his pork roll. Look at him,” the man filming said.

“Parked in a bus zone.”

Watch the full video here.


The man recording the video claims that cars were struggling to get past the police car.

“Buses coming through, cars coming through, no one can fit so they can eat. Above the law,” he said in the video.

Some members of the public claimed that police deal with enough in their day and should be allowed to park there if they need.

“The shit they have to go through in their job. I have no problem with them parking there. One stayed with the car anyway,” someone wrote on Facebook.

I mean if anyone’s to blame it’s cop shows and movies. I can guarantee you, this is the kind of behaviour you’d see on a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the film Bad Boys or even old school Police Academy. Do I dare even say it, Paul Blart: Mall Cop?

Let the pigs pig out, I say!