Woof, Sydney’s 1st Dog-Friendly Pool Is Now Open For A Mid-Walkies Dip

Sydney has a brand new dog-friendly pool that has opened just in time for this absolutely unforgiving heatwave that’s currently blanketing the city like an unstoppable oven. My god is it hot out there. And you know who cops the brunt of the heat without being able to complain about how hot they are? Yep, your four-legged friends. Your dogs.

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So back to the pool – sorry humans this is absolutely not one for you. I mean you’ve got plenty of places to go for a dip without someone yelling “HEY GET THAT DOG OUTTA HERE!” so the City of Sydney council decided to open a dog-friendly and dog-ONLY pool, so pups can have a little splash in the water while they’re on their walkies. I mean it’s a hot one out there today, it’s like 17cm from the midday sun out there. Too. Hot.

The city’s newest dog-friendly pool is a part of the beautiful Sydney Park in St Peters – a spot that is already one of the area’s best off-leash parks. It’s down at the southern end of the grasslands, near the City Farm, so it’s a great little spot for a mid-walk dip, or for pups to cool themselves off after heaps of zoomies around the park’s acreage.

If you can’t get to the park, this weekend while it’s bullshit hot, you can also take your four-legged furry friend to Greenhills Beach in KurnellSirius Cove Reserve in MosmanDumaresq Reserve in Rose Bay, or Kutti Beach in Vaucluse.

It’s always important to keep your fluffy mates cool when it’s wildly hot out – and that includes wildlife friends too.

Freezing half a container of water overnight to leave outside in a shady spot topped up with water during the day helps to give a cool drink to wildlife and other pets who might be on walks or adventures, and a container of water with some rocks or wine corks in it makes for a perfect little drinking station for local bees to keep hydrated.