In a tale as old as time (or really, just as old as the pandemic but at this point that feels like forever), people in Sydney are yet *again* panic buying toilet paper. Despite the fact that it makes even less since now, because we haven’t even announced an actual lockdown. Really guys?? Come on.

If you’ve been watching the news and constant pressers, you’d know there’s been a pretty spooky COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney, and unfortunately the cluster has been steadily growing. Despite that, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has refused to call a lockdown, stating that the current travel restrictions in Sydney (which are basically a very mild form of a lockdown anyway I guess) are going to be enough to curb the outbreak.

Yet for some reason, some Sydney people are STILL panic buying and I have to ask, are your assholes okay??? Do you need this much toilet paper because the COVID-19 outbreak has you shitting yourself, literally? Because surely that is the only acceptable reason to still be panic buying toilet paper, when we are literally over a year and a half into the pandemic. Get a grip, guys.

Sydney has never been in lockdown to the point where we couldn’t shop, and our grocery trips are not about to be threatened any time soon. Gladys is basically allergic to lockdowns, she’s said countless times since the first (and only) lockdown in Sydney last year that she doesn’t want to repeat that.

Panic buying toilet paper also makes no sense to me because, why is this the specific thing people want to hoard during a COVID outbreak? Things like hand sanitiser at least make a tad more sense since they have a specific use in repelling disease. But why the fuck do people need this much toilet paper, of all things?

There’s also just the fact that every single time this happens, it’s completely useless and screws over so many people. Panic buying is what creates outages, not COVID. Have we learnt absolutely nothing from the last 82 times this happened??

I guess not, since here we are, yet again.