Police are on the hunt for a man who went apeshit in a McDonald’s restaurant in Sydney on Saturday night. Apparently, he was fed up about having to sign in with a QR code and thought being a violent prick would be easier.

Footage provided to 7 News appears to show the man smashing the cash register and other items on the counter after being asked to check in with a QR code. A police spokesperson told News.com.au that he also allegedly “refused to put on a mask”.

The guy next to him looked weirdly unfazed as all hell broke loose. After the man stormed out, he left behind a trail of destruction for workers to clean up.

“It is absolutely appalling what I saw in that [CCTV] footage,” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard told reporters on Monday.

“We had almost a year of COVID and we all know the value of QR Codes to keeping us safe.

“Somebody who has crawled out from somewhere to start abusing staff needs the full force of the law thrown at them. I’m confident the police will do that.”

The incident happened at around 8PM on Saturday at McDonald’s Kellyville, in Sydney’s Hills District.

While masks are mandatory for staff in fast food restaurants, they’re not mandatory for people who are eating and/or drinking.

However, checking in using the venue’s QR code is absolutely mandatory, and refusing to do so for whatever reason puts the health of staff, fellow customers and the local community at risk.

The are two things at play here – being a dickhead to hospo staff and not following COVIDSafe measures – and that’s what Hazzard tried to drive home on Monday.

“Anybody who thinks it’s OK to not do a QR Code, but more importantly to attack staff members who are trying to enforce it, really needs to have the full weight of the law thrown at them, and I would hope they have,” he added.

A police investigation is now underway.