Sydneysiders Are Now Battling Leeches (!!!) In All This Wetness Which Absolutely Fucken Sucks

leeches sydney wet weather

Just when we thought the influx of funnel-web spiders moving in was the worst part of the wet weather in NSW, it’s gotten worse. The new creepy-crawly housemates have brought their bloodthirsty friends to Sydney with them: leeches.

People across Sydney have been finding the sucky little glug slugs on themselves amid all the rain and damp conditions. It’s pure nightmare material and I can’t imagine how fucked up it must be to go for a walk down to the shops only to come back with a few new mates having a feed.

Yucky! No! Get out of here!

Sydney-based ABC journalist Lucy Carter told PEDESTRIAN.TV she found herself escorting a few leeches back into her house after she went to pop the bins out on Wednesday night.

“I found two on my ankles after taking the bins out in Lane Cove,” she said.

“An hour later felt an itch on the back of my neck and found a giant one there. Actual nightmare.”

It’s not just humans getting preyed on by these wriggly little bastards, either. Lucy also told me that she knows someone who found a leech in their cat’s mouth this week. It prompted one reaction from Lucy: what the fuck.

After she posted about her horror leech experience on Wednesday night, dozens of people weighed in with their equally-as-alarming run-ins with the foul parasites during this latest stretch of wet weather.

Imagine waking up to the absolute slasher film scene when you realise you’ve rolled around in bed with a leech on your tit. I would simply pass away.

One person said they wound up in the hospital last weekend after getting bitten by a leech which also makes me want to curl up in a tiny ball and never be perceived again.

Hands down the absolute worst post in the thread is from this one poor bugger who flushed a leech down the loo only to have it come back and literally bite her on the ass.

No. No thank you. Remove me from this timeline immediately I do not wish to be in a place where this happens.

So let this be a word of warning to Sydney: tuck your pants into your socks in this weather. You’ll thank me for it later.