Parts Of Sydney Have Been Smashed By A Month Of Rain Just In 2 Hrs & We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Umbrella

sydney flood marrickville

Sydneysiders were absolutely pounded by Neptune on Tuesday night as the city was hit with a month of rain in just two hours.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for NSW and Queensland earlier in the day. PEDESTRIAN.TV’s resident weather girl Michael Di Iorio warned us all to “prepare about three brollies because at least two of them are about to be flipped inside out more times than a Twink on a Tuesday”.

And the almighty gods of the weather and sea have delivered on that apocalyptic premonition.

Parts of Sydney’s western and inner western suburbs were hit the hardest.

Marrickville copped a slopping 102mm of rain around 1pm. One street turned into an emerging flood zone within 20 minutes.

One user mentioned it was council bin night on Tuesday in the suburb. Debris and waste mixed with the rain which appeared to turn the floodwater into a gross brown colour. It might explain the empty milk bottles floating on top of the poop-painted sea.

The train line between Marrickville station and Sydenham was flooded too. According to, trains stopped running through the suburb. It was just a day after the state government had locked out public transport workers.

Parramatta was no different. Pictures and videos emerged of Parramatta River looking like a scene out of a local remake of The Day After Tomorrow. The floor of the ferry wharf was submerged by the rain too.

“I’m here at Parramatta River and look at this. It’s flooding,” a man said as thunderstruck nearby.

Other suburbs that were the most drenched included Baulkham Hills, Arncliffe, Granville, Bankstown, the Sydney Airport and Canterbury.

BoM reports that those of us on the Australian east coast should expect the heavy rainfall to carry on until next weekend.

Expect Zeus to keep crapping lightning and thunderous farts for the rest of the week too. A house in Sydney’s Glenmore Park literally caught fire after lightning struck it on Monday night.