Sydney Fella Who Rode Razor Scooter In Cross City Tunnel Cops $71 Fine

And so, the thrilling tale of the Aussie bloke who yesterday threw caution to the wind, jumped on his classic early ’00s Razor scooter, and high-tailed it through the Cross City Tunnel in peak hour has come to a close. He turned himself in. It’s over.

The 42-year-old man from Crows Nest identified himself to Surry Hills police officers today as the man whose exploits were beamed across the evening news last night.
After being interviewed by highway police, he was slapped with a penalty notice for “using a wheeled device on one-way road more than one marked lane*,” which carries a fixed fine of $71, which is less than half of the fine for not paying the damn toll ($165). 
(*Yep, that’s how they’ve worded it, see: NSW Police Force release.)
Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith took this opportunity to remind everyone – and this means YOU, person who’s thinking $71 ain’t a bad price to pay to live out your dream – to behave responsibly.

“The incident highlights the profound impact on the road network that one person, and the interest generated by this matter shows that the public share that view,” he said.

“Regardless of how the person came to be in the tunnel, their safety was at risk and there was potential for him to be hit or to cause a crash.”

All things considered it’s pretty unlikely that a 42-year-old man from Crows Nest is reading PEDESTRIAN.TV, but if you are mate, please come down and say hi, we’d like to buy you a bevy.

Here’s that footage again:

Photo: 9 News.