Sydney Is Mighty Dusty Today, Just In Case You Hadn’t Noticed Yet

No, Sydney, you did wake up with your eyes on sepia mode: it really is that dusty in the city today, thanks to thick plumes of sediment which have blown in from western NSW.

[jwplayer BNMia2Q3]

Citing the Bureau of Meteorology, the ABC reports a north and north-westerly breezes picked up sediment from the other side of the state yesterday and deposited it on more coastal areas.

On top of making everything look a bit dirty, the dust has also impacted air quality.

The western regions of Bringelly and Oakdale registered Very Poor air quality ratings this morning, prompting warnings for the elderly, children, and those with respiratory conditions to stay indoors. Everyone else in those areas has been advised to avoid strenuous outdoors activity.

Things are dicier further afield. Residents of Kembla Grange and Albion Park South have been advised to stay indoors as much as practical, while readings in Wagga Wagga North were firmly in Hazardous territory.

Much of the dust around Sydney is expected to settle before the end of the day, but you’ll be able to relive it via images posted on social media. Do the shots come close to the post-apocalyptic scenes on the 2009 Sydney dust storm? Look, not quite, but it’s still a sight to behold.