Sydney Cops Pull Over Phone-Using Driver, Walk Away With $1M Meth Bust

The world has changed since Breaking Bad’s finale. 

Yeah, it might feel like just yesterday that 2013 rolled around, but drug peddling is different now. 

Fuck fried chicken. The du jour method of trafficking illicit substances involves diamante-encrusted horse heads.  
Blue meth? We have Minions-themed pingas these days, so y’all best come up with some other colourful gimmick (read: please don’t).
As for driving your goods around the joint, well… you can’t just bust a u-ey into oncoming traffic to get the cops off your tail any more. 
In fact, it’s best you don’t even do anything close to illegal while you’re carting your wares. Ask the bloke who was pulled over yesterday in Sydney for driving while using his phone – only for the cops to find a cool $1.2M worth of ice in the vehicle. 

According to NSW Police, the alleged perp was pulled over in Haymarket for fiddling with his phone yesterday arvo. Police determined there was “cause to search the vehicle,” which we can only assume is police-talk for “the 26-year-old driver started sweating bullets.”

He was arrested, obv, after the 5-0 plucked 3kg of methamphetamine from the vehicle. Another search at his place allegedly uncovered even more meth – plus some papers that suggest he was involved in some identity theft on the side.
As it stands, he’s been hit with commercial drug supply charges, a count of dealing with the proceeds of crime and… yeah, they didn’t forget the traffic infringements, either. 

He’s been refused bail. If Al Capone can get done for tax evasion, ice road truckers can be taken down by a spot of Tinder and Pokémon Go.

Source: NSW Police.