Syd’s Botanic Gardens Want You To Name This Rare Bird So Pls Don’t Cook It

We’ve talked about rare albino animals before, like wild giraffes that barely have any splotches, and a moose that is as white as freakin’ snow.

Some animals lose their colour through a defect called leucism, where the skin cells don’t produce pigmentation, leaving them looking like ghostly versions of themselves. You might have seen this when you spot a weird-lookin’ white pigeon in amongst all the others, like some kind of angel oracle bird.

In Sydney‘s Royal Botanic Gardens, a very rare white bird has been spotted by many wandering around the park, and now the garden’s caretakers want to name it.

It’s a Pied Currawong that has lost its typically dark-as-night colour in its feathers, and could only be identified through it’s insanely beady yellow eyes, and classic currawong call.

The Botanic Gardens are trying to name the little bugger over on their Facebook, because all their special animal residents have their own names. Some of the suggestions so far include ‘Elsa’‘Casper’ and ‘Falcor’. I for one am extremely behind Falcor. Vote 1 Falcor.

I swear to god I will revolt if this dang bird ends up with some cooked name like Birdy McBirdface, you hear me?

You have been warned. Name the bird responsibly.