Sydney Bar Salutes Gene Wilder With Ambitious Burg Of Pure Imagination

Gene Wilder‘s death hit a lot of people square in the guts – ‘Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory‘ being a marvellously fucking magical movie that a lot of us watched a million times as kids until it made our brains go wrong – and people are paying tribute to him in some pretty weird ways.

From memory, the eponymous chocolate factory was largely focused on sweet over savoury, which would make the creation of a Willy Wonka themed burger something of a challenge, but Sydney‘s Bar Luca have certainly given it a crack with the “Beauregard Burger“.

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It’s a beef patty with fried potatoes, cheese, tomato soup jelly, blueberry onion jam and “Wonka sauce“, served on a bun that looks either like the bread version of a rainbow Paddle Pop or what happens to a regular bun if you leave it in a humid environment for a few months.
As a general rule, flavour combos that crazy are either inspired genius or well-plated dog turds, so this could be amazing or it might be some sort of culinary trap.
If it makes the trap any more enticing, Bar Luca is also hiding a golden ticket in a burger per venue per day for the entirety of Wonka week. The golden ticket promises untold delight for the winner and a mate, realistically it probably won’t be edible teacups growing on trees or rivers of chocolate, but I’d be miffed if you didn’t at least get a beer and a burger.
Source and photo. Instagram.