Syd Airport Had A Wholesome Message For Victorians Landing In NSW For The First Time In Months

With NSW opening up to Victoria for the first time in 138 days, Sydney Airport decided to go all-out in welcoming the city’s incoming neighbours/rivals to the south.

It was an emotional day with friends and families finally being reunited for the first time in months. To mark the occasion, Qantas and Jetstar did the cutest thing ever by displaying the message “Welcome back VICTORIA, we missed you” beneath every flight from Melbourne on the arrivals boards.

It was a sweet gesture which understandably made at least a few people a bit emotional.

The little gesture was the perfect way to match the wholesome mood of this long-awaited day.

In total 26 flights from Melbourne have arrived (or are set to arrive) in Sydney on Monday.

The bulk of those (21, to be exact) are either Qantas or Jetstar flights and will get the cute little message.

But the arrivals board was just one part of the big day.

On top of that, there was a squad of Bondi lifesavers at the airport to greet everyone, and drag queens Coco Jumbo and Penny Tration were also there.

It’s the most Sydney welcome anyone from Melbourne could’ve wanted.

A few airport arrivals actually got into it, while a few more just awkwardly walked past.

Whatever, it was fun for the rest of us to watch, at least.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese also swung by for a quick selfie on his way down to Melbourne.

So did Hughsy and Ed Kavalee, who had just come up from Melbourne.

As far as mass, interstate reunions go, the one at Sydney Airport was pretty wholesome.

If I may say personally – as a Sydneysider – and to paraphrase the Qantas arrival boards: Welcome back VICTORIA, we really, really did miss you lot.