A Current Affair Spoke To The Airport Driver At The Centre Of Sydney’s New COVID-19 Outbreak

Sydney airport driver

A Current Affair managed to track down the airport limo driver who is believed to be patient zero in the recent coronavirus outbreak which has sent parts of Sydney back into lockdown.

While they didn’t manage to have a proper interview, one of their reporters, Lauren Golman, has been speaking to him over a couple of days and shared some of the things he said.

The man told Golman that he always wore a face mask at work and was tested for COVID-19 “frequently”, but not every day.

It also turns out that the guy – who is in his 60s – was hesitant to get the AstraZeneca jab because he has a family history of blood clots. Golman also clarified that the man is not an anti-vaxxer.

“He says he has been working with his doctor, they talk regularly and they’re trying to come up with some sort of plan, but at this stage he’s too afraid to have the AstraZeneca vaccine,” Golman told host Tracy Grimshaw.

Keep in mind the Pfizer vaccine has been prioritised for people under 60, meaning he wouldn’t be eligible for it.

Apparently, the driver’s employer also hadn’t gone out of its way to encourage him to get vaccinated.

“He is transporting international pilots to and from the airport every day, so why he wasn’t vaccinated and why there wasn’t a Plan B for him is the big question here,” Golman added.

The man also told the ACA reporter that he believes he caught COVID-19 in the community, and that he’s therefore not actually patient zero.

He reckons he may have picked up COVID-19 while at the Belle Café in Vaucluse – the same café that’s been listed as an exposure site on five different dates.

However it’s important to keep in mind that this speculation isn’t backed up by what NSW Health says about him being the first case.

You can watch the full ACA segment here.