Sworn Enemies Pauline & Tony Have An Awkward Little Chinwag On Facebook

You know those moments where the sum totality of your past actions come crashing down around you, and you’re forced to grin and bear it as you receive a hot injection of pure karma? 

Well, Tony Abbott is certainly feeling it. Head on over to Pauline Hanson‘s Facebook page and you’ll see a very grim 40-second video of our former Prime Minister having a painfully stilted conversation with the controversial senator. It’s a significant mea culpa because, as you might remember, Tony Abbott absolutely ruined Pauline’s parliamentary career in the 1990s and was largely responsible for the series of events that put her in jail.
So, you know. Water under the bridge and all that.
From the extremely forced “Pauline… it’s good to catch up to you,” to Abbott’s ‘casual’ posture, the video is a truly wonderful representation of the ancient, mystical ritual I like to call EATING SHIT.
The 90s are back, baby, except in the stoush between Pauline and Tony, Pauline has the upper hand. Terrible for the country, terrible for Tony. God, they’re both awful.
Source: Facebook.