A Channel 10 News Broadcast Was Interrupted By Birds Swooping Random Punters In The Background

Swooping Birds Channel Ten

Folks it is officially Friday, and nothing is better to kick off the weekend than a video of guys getting swooped by some pretty menacing Indian myna birds. Go get ’em, kings.

Former NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley was voicing his opinion on the Liberal Party in an interview at The Domain with Channel 10, and behind him, you can see many a passerby get absolutely swooped by birds.

It’s very distracting from the interview, as the shadows of men duck and dash passed the trees where the Indian myna birds are waiting patiently to attack. You barely notice anything that Daley is saying, which is unfortunate for him.

Even the person behind the Channel 10 camera quits on Daley halfway through and puts emphasis on the swooping birds. Now that’s a man that I trust with a camera. Have a squiz at the footage below.

Just a couple of weeks ago a video posted to Instagram by Lake Illawarra man Wayne Sherwood went viral, showing his son, Max, yeeting himself down the streets with an absolute fiend of a magpie behind him.

After all, it is swooping season, and the birds are not taking any of our shit.

Magpies generally start to swoop when it’s nesting time, and those cranky little things start to get hella territorial. Maybe these Indian myna birds were protecting their eggs, or maybe they were just fully pissed off, either way, that poor guy was straight up TARGETED.

Wildlife Victoria has even established its very own Swoop Map, so folks can document any run-ins with magpies and warn locals of potential swoops. I guess we need to be looking out for all kinds of birds now.

The most recommended method of keeping away the swooping birds is to use a zip-tie-in-helmet as a deterrent. Brave warriors in the fight against the birds also recommend umbrellas, your regular bicycle helmet, or even waving a large stick around and yelling “piss off.”

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m off to don a protective helmet and watch out for every single bird I see. You can’t trust those winged devils.