Sweet Merciful Crap, The Gelato Donut Is Real And It Is Nigh

Oh for the LOVE OF GOD this is bordering on the ridiculous.

Ever seen food so good and delicious looking that it makes you angry? Like you don’t even want to eat it straight away, you just want to kinda yell at it for a bit?
Enter: The Gelato Donut, here to redefine your cheat day, enrage you with its delicious simplicity, and generally mess with your world.
The creation of Gelatissimo, the whole thing is infuriatingly simple to the point where it’s practically criminal that it hasn’t widely existed before now.
It’s just a bloody big scoop of delicious gelato sandwiched between a bisected hole-less doughnut.
That’s it. That’s all there is to the damned thing. It’s simple and ridiculous and we need ten of them inside us IMMEDIATELY.
Just… just goddamned look at it, will you?
Mother of god.
Jesus tapdancing christ.

Put that godforsaken porn away there are children watching FFS.
The Gelato Donut rolls out into Gelatissimo stores, then into your stomachs, and then you roll out of the stores, nationwide from SEPTEMBER 9TH.