Sweden Has Made ‘Trainy McTrainface’ A Thing Because 2016 Never Ended

A Swedish rail operator has committed to the inevitable result of a public poll by choosing to name one of its brand new trains Trainy McTrainface. We know, we’re just as tired of it as you are, but it is our solemn duty to inform you of such crimes against very dead jokes.

MTR Express will use that moniker for a train running between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Yes, this is what centuries of rail transport innovation have led us to: a mechanical meme, powering through Scandinavia, all because people can’t let a good thing go.
Trainy McTrainface picked up 49% of the total vote, but it’s just as well MTR Express also has three other new additions to name. The second will be dubbed Estelle, which is nice enough, but the third will be named Glenn. Apologies to all the Glenns out there, but it’s not a very train-y name, is it?

The fourth train will be named by MTR Express staff. To them, we humbly suggest Floggy McDeadhorse.

If the original yarn escaped your memory, congratulations. If not, the last we heard about the polar research vessel originally destined for the name Boaty McBoatface – officially titled the RSS Sir David Attenborough – is that it’s still under construction.

An MTR Express spokesperson told the ABC that “we like this name as we think that Boaty McBoatface from UK kind of got his revenge now by his cousin Trainy McTrainface winning this poll.”

We disagree, but you do you, Sweden.

Source: ABC. 
Photo: MTR Express.