Thieves Steal Swedish Crown Jewels In Troublingly Awesome Cathedral Heist

Thieves in Sweden nicked a priceless and irreplaceable set of crown jewels from a cathedral on Tuesday afternoon, successfully evading police boats and helicopters in the process.

We’re not here to condone such actions. That said, if you’re gonna make off with the goods, you may as well do it in style.

The Swedish Police Authority reports two thieves bagged the burial crowns of 17th century monarchs Karl IV and Queen Kristina from a locked display case at Strängnäs Cathedral, west of Stockholm.

A ceremonial orb was also pinched in the incident.

Witnesses say the crooks hopped into a boat moored immediately below the cathedral after the robbery. Police quickly set pursuit by sea and by air, but the crims managed to evade capture.

A police spokesperson said it was possible they hightailed it into the region’s hinterlands, or may have used a getaway car to reach Stockholm itself.

Authorities are continuing their search for the thieves. Obviously.

Whether the thieves are able to sell the very conspicuous goodies on the black market remains to be seen.