Survivor Winner Liz Parnov On Knocking Out George Of Bankstown & The BTS Moments You Didn’t See

Last night Liz Parnov was rightfully crowned Sole Survivor on Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains by our jungle daddy JLP [Jonathan LaPaglia]. Today, as she chats to literally every publication in the Australian press, she’s still flying high from the win. But it’s not just because she’s revelling in the extra $500,000 in her bank account.

Liz has gone down in Survivor history for effectively manipulating and conquering one of the strongest players we’ve ever seen on the show: The self-proclaimed king of Survivor, George Mladenov.

While George was easily one of the fiercest competitors this season, Liz was determined to keep him in the competition right until the very end. Even if it could have potentially put her game in complete jeopardy. Talk about a ballsy move.

“George is the perfect shield. He’s a huge threat,” Liz revealed to PEDESTRIAN.

“It was definitely my strategy to keep George as long as I could, but then also knowing the right time to get rid of him. He’s obviously someone you do not want to be sitting next to you at the end. So if you’re gonna take him out, it has to be the perfect time because that’s one of the shots you cannot miss because he will come gunning for you.”

(Credit: Instagram / Liz Parnov @lizparnov)

Liz spent a whopping 48 days in the Samoan jungle being starved of food. But the thing she missed the most? Having THE shower. The girlies out there will know what I’m talking about.

“Oh god, I just missed a good hygiene routine. Like brushing my teeth, washing my hair and moisturising. All of those things,” she said.

But while it seems like the contestants have to fend for themselves, there are some things the producers take care of behind-the-scenes.

“We obviously get checked by a medic to make sure all of our vitals are good and personal female hygiene is covered but it’s just the lack of food. No matter how much you beg, you’ll never get a crumb.”

Despite the tough conditions, Liz is already down to come back for another shot at the Survivor title.

“100 per cent I would come back for another season,” she said. “I think maybe for the time being I’ll just have a little break and enjoy this moment but in a year or two, if I get asked, I will be opening my arms to the opportunity.”

After being filmed around the clock, there’s a lot of footage that doesn’t make the final cut. But Liz revealed that she was pretty stoked by her final edit, and said that all of her main plot points were kept in. Especially the ongoing beef between her and season underdog Simon Mee.

But there was one weird instance that didn’t make the final cut. And I’ll tell ya what, it’s not what I expected.

“There was one moment during the season when it was hermit crabs mating time. There were like two nights of the whole year that this happens and of course we were there at the time,” she explained.

“So one night all the hermit crabs went from the jungle down into the ocean and it was just an infestationYou couldn’t even see the ground, they were everywhere. It was like something out of a horror movie. It was awful.”

Wow. New fear unlocked. Who would’ve thought hermit crabs getting their fuck on could be so traumatic?

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