Chic, industrial and exposed might be your style, but so might having a proper painted ceiling over your head that isn’t just piping and mouldy cement. Introducing this lovely little apartment in Sydney’s Surry Hills that is currently asking for $550 a week. Cue coffee spitting right about now.

Currently, the listing for this absolute dreamboat of a property on Hutchison Street describes it as having “unique interiors in a stylish boutique block,” which I must say is a charming way of describing an upstairs loft that will leave anyone over 5’5 scraping their scalp on some concrete.

Have a look at these charming pictures. Steel piping comes included, for that modern chic look that you really don’t see enough of in Surry Hills.

surry hills $550 no roof
my 6’3 bf would just never see the upstairs section, I guess. might make it my alone time area.

“With a chic industrial edge & set amongst the Surry Hills design precinct, this generous apartment is located in the acclaimed De La Vega designed warehouse conversion,” reads the description for this apartment.

I mean, if you whispered “De La Vega designed warehouse conversion” into my ear, my heart would race a little, but that doesn’t change the fact that this apartment has the ugliest fkn ceiling ever.

The fact the place is going for $550 a week is probably the most insulting part of all this. For something in Surry Hills, you’d expect just a little bit more refinement? A little more structure? A little less piping just wagging around in front of your face all the time?

surry hills $550 no roof
at least this pic makes it look a little more desirable.

The outside of the apartment however is super chic. I might just get this place to tell everyone that I live inside the building, without specifying where exactly.

I mean look at how sexy this picture makes everything look. Pretty on the outside, but she’s harbouring dark secrets. Aren’t we all, Miss Hutchison Street?

surry hills $550 no roof
oh, she’s sweet but a psycho…

And unlike some horror houses we’ve seen in the past, this apartment actually has a nice bathroom! Fancy that!

surry hills $550 no roof
babe, this one can be my room.

When my western Sydney mother warned me about Surry Hills, I didn’t know she meant crazy shit like this.

You can view the full ad for the apartment right here.