Surprise, Surprise: That Port Arthur Producer Turd Wants Gun Laws Relaxed

Before we begin here, we realise that in publishing this story we’re complicit in the continued and very much unwarranted publicising of this nutbag and his bullshit “beliefs.” However, the rage isn’t misplaced and it is (unfortunately) a viewpoint held by a shocking number of people in the country (some of which are actually in Parliament) and it demands addressing.
So with that said…
Remember that bloke who wants to make a movie about the Port Arthur Massacre? You know the one. The guy who believes it was all part of some sort of “agenda” and that the case is suspect due to a lack of a public trial (a thing you don’t need to have when the accused pleads absolutely guilty, by the by).
Paul Modor, the writer-producer for film, appeared on The Project a little while back and was ripped a new one by Waleed Aly. The film project has attracted controversy due to Modor suggesting that the story contains “spurious agenda” and “misinformation” regarding Martin Bryant‘s supposed ability to pull off the massacre, as well as families of the victims of Port Arthur expressing their disapproval of the project.
For whatever this is worth, Modor’s only other credited writing effort was for a low-budget 2003 “modern day western” entitled ‘A Bullet In The Arse‘ that took out “Most Gratuitous Violence” at the 2004 Melbourne Underground Film Festival.
In news that’s going to shock precisely none of you, Modor has revealed himself as being profoundly pro-gun, to the point of being a signed-up member of the Shooters & Fishers Party.
Modor spoke to Fairfax Media yesterday and confirmed his views on the matter.

“[Gun control] is not the primary focus of why I’m making this film, but I do feel strongly about the erosion of people’s rights in Australia, particularly in regards to the firearm ownership issue.”

“People who have passed the extensive checks and balances currently in place, have proved themselves worthy and capable of owning any firearm, they should not be penalised because of the actions of people they don’t represent.”

Which is fine and all if you live on a remote desert island with a population of 1. But we do not. We live in a society that needs group dynamics in order to function and prosper. This “I’M a responsible owner why are MY RIGHTS being taken away from ME” argument is thin bullshit, and is wilfully ignorant of how democratic legislation actually works. Gun control laws apply to all for the same reason that speed limits are enforced. Just because you can prove you’re responsible with something dangerous doesn’t mean the laws for EVERYONE should be relaxed. Your steady trigger finger is not more important than public safety.

But, quite beautifully, Modor sums up his own criticism in one magnificently, unintentional self-assessment of his whole mindset.

“The frustrating thing about Australians, is they let themselves get derailed from real issues.”