Surprise: Day One Of Schoolies Turns The Hell Up With Brawls & Arrests

First, let us recognise the efforts of this year’s school leavers – you successfully navigated the wild world of secondary education, and you’re juuust about to pop out into the ~ real world ~. Congrats, rly. 

Enjoy your newfound freedom, and go party with ya buds.

That being said, Schoolies celebrations never seem to only bring out the bright young leaders of tomorrow. If a smattering of arrests over Friday night in Victor Harbour, SA are to be believed, Schoolies also brings out the bright young leaders of tomorrow, circa 2011.

Two men in their early twenties – read: two men who def. should have better things than be at Schoolies – were caught trying to offload a decent number of pills and a pinch of meth at the festivities. Commander of Operation Schoolies (which is apparently a thing) Inspector Gus Sickerdick said “It’s very disappointing to find out that people who are non-school leavers, who are coming down here, are still trying to flout the law.” 

Less than two days in, the beach-front celebrations also haven’t been without a bit of biffo. Footage obtained by Newscorp shows a pretty nasty brawl being broken up by security; even more revellers are expected for tonight, but Sickerdick has by-and-large given the thumbs up to the leavers in the area. 
The message, as it were, is loud and clear: Let the leavers have their fun. Don’t fuck with the Schoolies. 
Oh, and don’t be one of these muppets. Nobody wants to fight with Soulja Boy as a soundtrack.
via Newscorp. 
Image via Youtube.