Support For Dollarydoos Petition Triples Overnight

They say Pobody’s Nerfect in Australia, but there’s at least 24,000+ people who really, really are. campaign to officially change Australia’s currency from $AUD to Dollarydoos started to gain traction yesterday, as Australians ’round the country finally recognised what truly is the nation’s most-pressing cause.

Yesterday afternoon, we saw the petition’s supporter base grow to about 7000 by around 6PM; waking up this morning, though, and look at what thousands of legends have done:

24,000 signatures and counting? YES MATES.

So far, the petition’s been making the rounds – from local news outlets to TIME Magazine, to the Hollywood Reporter, to Huffington Post Canada, to CNBC. It’s the li’l petition that could. <3

While the cause continues to gather armfuls of supporters by the second, what are the chances of this thing reaching Parliament itself? 

Unlike the White House‘s policy on petitions and their obligation to respond to large causes (petitions with over 100,000 signatures in the US become searchable on the White House government website), for a petition to get in the hands of the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Australia, a campaign and all its original signatures must be in writing – online petitions don’t count.  


Because we all would truly live for the day that Federal  Members discuss this glorious piece of grassroots campaigning in the House of Representatives, someone—one of you, any of you, all of you—has no choice but to print this thing out, go door-knocking, and make Australia’s most progressive economic policy happen. For the sake of our fair nation.

In the meantime, sign the petition over here.