A Swathe Of Nasty Super Storms Are Coming For NSW This Arvo & My Umbrella Will Need An Umbrella

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Ladies and gentlemen, theys and foes, allow me to introduce to the stage the legendary, the iconic, the reine la plus humide: Miss Supercell Storm. After performing at a slew of sold-out shows in the Northern Territory she’s finally here in NSW, and will show us what she’s got tonight, whether we like it or not.

That’s right friends you and your nonna have front-row seats to the supercell storm, which Weatherzone AND the BoM have warned will hit NSW from Monday afternoon and last for a couple of days. Umbrellas up and sad faces on, there’s about to be some fuckery on your street.

“Upper cold air will be crossing along with the southerly change, allowing thunderstorms to become severe with large hail, damaging wind gusts and heavy rainfall,” said Weatherzone.

“There is also the possibility of some supercell thunderstorms developing, most likely for the Hunter and Mid North Coast.

“These are the most dangerous type of thunderstorms and can produce giant hail (larger than cricket balls), destructive winds (exceeding 120km/h) and intense rainfall (flash-flooding).”

One day it’s muggier than a Mother’s Day present and the next it’s raining lightning bolts like an orgiastic feast at Zeus’ house. I would ask Mother Nature to make up her mind but I’ve seen what she’s been up to lately and would very much like to leave her alone.

According to the Besties of Meteorology (BoM), as the storms head over to NSW, the Northern Territory will be gifted with some “monsoonal squalls”. That’s basically meteorologist-speak for “wind bad”.

If you currently reside up the top of the country, be prepared for damaging winds and heavy rainfall. Keep your house tied to the ground and ensure all nieces named Dorothy are safely in the bunker before you close the door behind you (looking directly at you Aunty Em).

“Damaging winds will possibly persist during Tuesday, depending on the movement and development of the tropical low,” said BoM.

So there you have it folks. Wig-splitting winds in the Northern Territory and suit-soaking storms in New South Wales.

One day I’ll be able to walk into work without wringing myself dry. One day…