Campaigners from the ‘No’ side of the on going same-sex marriage postal survey continue to show off their incredibly clever and innovative approaches to getting their pro-discrimination message out, with the latest genius move spray-painting the word ‘No’ all across Enmore.

Images supplied to PEDESTRIAN.TV show the extent of the graffiti work throughout the inner-west suburb of Sydney, which neighbours known queer-hub Newtown, seemingly appearing overnight on the Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend.

A known progressive suburb (this super-gay writer himself is typing this out from his Enmore home in view of one of these fugly attempts at graffiti), Enmore is home to many members of the queer community, who had to witness another reminder of this damaging “debate” on the way to their morning coffees.

The spray-paint attacks indiscriminately have been graffitied on murals, apartment buildings, house fronts and even cars, in what is obviously an attempt to rile up and/or upset LGBTIQ people and ‘Yes’ campaigners. Respectful, fucking debate am I right?

Whilst it’s no doubt depressing that there are people out there so set on ruining a beautiful, sunny Spring long-weekend for so many others, we on the ‘Yes’ campaign know our messaging of love, equality and respect for human beings is working with a very preliminary poll showing we may just very well win the shit out of this thing. 

Try harder you bigoted gronks. We’re gonna gay-marry each other so fucking hard one day soon and shit like this will be forgotten and discarded to the annals of shitty Australian history where it belongs.

Image: Lindsay Foyle