Super Chic Thief Empties Australian Designer Estelle Deve’s Jewellery Sale

Surry Hills/inner city/Eastern suburbs of Sydney weekend bebes: along with the smoky haze unflatteringly covering the city today, a thief of the Most Stylish Kind is among us. Perhaps taking heed from the fun-loving bros who thought nicking a delectable ice cream cake masterpiece from gelato connoisseurs Messina was a totally foolproof plan (spoiler: it wasn’t), local Australian jeweller Estelle Dévé has been similarly struck by a clan of sticky-fingered jerks.

News came in yesterday that all the wares from the French-born Australian based designer’s chic sample sale on Foster Street, Surry Hills were stolen; a massive shame for the local designer and a significantly larger blow to their brand than Messina’s viral burglary: 44 pieces were lifted from Estelle Dévé, compared to one, albeit incredibly delicious, ice cream cake from Messina. This is almost as disconcerting as the theft of Kevin Bacon from the Grounds of Alexandria

What the hell is up with all this thieving from our most ‘grammable destinations? Sydney, go get some manners.

If anybody sees a suspiciously chic looking, blingy thief traipsing about Surry Hills today, make like a citizen vigilante and catch that culprit, and holla at us so we can do a Messina and shame them on social media. 

Title image via Estelle Dévé.