Super Adorable Olympic Athlete Fu Yuanhhui Had No Clue She’d Won A Medal

Look, we’ve got a pretty strained relationship with China’s media and Olympic athletes at the moment, but nothing – and we mean NOTHING – is going to stop us wholly adoring Chinese swimmer and bronze medallist Fu Yuanhui
Forget the cutest person at the Olympics, the 20-year-old is legitimately the cutest person in the world. 
On Day 2, she got out of the pool after smashing a world record, walked up to a reporter for an interview. When the reporter told her she actually came third and broke the WR of 59 seconds, Yuanhui responded with,

“58.95 seconds!? I thought it was 59 seconds! I was so fast! I didn’t hold back…I used all of my mystic energy!”
And this ain’t a one-off – that’s kinda just Yuanhui‘s personality. She did this again after another race, thinking she’d come fourth. 
When the reporter told her that she’d actually come third and won the bronze medal, Yuanhui was legitimately shocked, exclaiming, 
“What?! I came in third? I didn’t know!”
People the world over have now fallen for the swimmer, with both Weibo and Facebook comments sprouting up everywhere proclaiming adoration for the quirky athlete. 
So, licensing truly non-permitting, here’s a a few Yuanhui pics for your viewing pleasure:

Fu Yuanhui goofing around after her team won the relay’

Photo: Ian MacNicol / Getty.
Source: Huffington Post
Photo: Al Bello / Getty.