‘Sunrise’ Chucked An On-Air Tantrum Because Dan Andrews Won’t Go On The Show

Why would any sane public official refuse repeated requests to go on Sunrise: Let me count the bloody ways.

Channel Seven’s breakfast extravaganza – which has an atrocious record of race-related reporting, frequently affords unfettered airtime to the likes of Pauline Hanson, Prue MacSween, and Mark Latham, and platformed a segment which has lead to regular host Sam Armytage (and others) to be sued for racial vilification – has this morning taken the rather unusual step of having an enormous on-air whinge because Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has rebuffed their repeated interview requests.

Andrews, whose previously impervious approval rating in Victoria has taken a hit in the wake of the current second wave of coronavirus cases in the state, has reportedly rebuffed the show on multiple occasions, leading to host David Koch attempting to shame the Victorian Premier into appearing.

The short segment, aired earlier this morning, had Koch asserting “each day we put in a request for the Victorian Premier and Health Minister to come on, on the show because we think it’s important that we interview politicians directly to get the right information.”

It remains a mystery – a baffling one, really – why Premier Andrews would not want to associate himself with Sunrise and Koch in particular; such a refined and upstanding program, steeped in rich journalistic esteem, the home of the illustrious “Cash Cow” (author’s note: in no way am I disparaging the cow itself, who objectively rules).

Insane, you’d think, why Andrews would refuse the requests of a One Nation-platforming shitshow hosted by a man almost wholly consumed by his own personally rivalry with Eddie McGuire over a football jumper, who once said “I would drive migrants back to the airport with [Pauline Hanson] if they did not respect this country and our culture” live on air.

Why would anyone, let alone Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, refuse such requests from the fabled Sunrise show.

Why indeed.