Somewhere between all the shit that happened on Day 25 of the Federal Election, one of our former prime ministers Tony Abbott tried to shake the hands of a couple of local school kids. The kids? They did not want to shake his hand.

Video shared by 10Daily‘s Nick Wray shows Abbott approaching the children as they walk through the gates of their Manly school. Probably because he isn’t Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten, probably because he’s a random man outside their school, probably because of stranger danger – the students just… keep walking.


Australian politics, it’s a tough gig.

Meanwhile on Abbott’s Instagram – after the video did the rounds on Twitter:

“Not too many fans of handshakes, but plenty of high fives to go around at Manly Village Public School this afternoon,” he, or really his PR person wrote. “Great to be able to meet with parents as they wait to pick up their students and make sure every voter understands that only the Liberal Party can deliver for our community and our future.” 

It’s been quite the tough couple of days for Abbott. On Tuesday, somebody left a hollowed out book filled with shit – actual shit – at the door of his office in Manly. 

On the book’s cover was the word “Unpopular” written on it.

Then last week, posters of Abbott’s head started appearing around the electorate with the words “PELL” and “KENT” painted across the man’s forehead. 

Abbott is campaigning for a re-election in Warringah against chief political opponent, independent candidate Zali Steggall. 

#AusPol, always a delightful time.

Image: Instagram / @tonyabbottmhr