Student From Elite Melbs School Protests “Shit” Teachers W/ Stealth Turds

A seriously pissed off student at one of Melbourne’s highest-performing high schools has resorted to defecating in places that shouldn’t be defecated in, all in an effort to draw attention to what she describes as a “CRAP!!!!” educational experience.

In a public letter plastered around the Mac.Robertson Girl’s High School on Monday, the student wrote “I know I have resorted to the most extreme method to make a symbolic point but you NEVER listen to student voice.”
The daring droppings, which have been deposited around the campus since the first term of 2017, have apparently been motivated by one teacher in particular. The student alleges he “brings his earphones and watches his mindless videos on his device EVERY SINGLE LESSON.” 

writes the student.
“I go home and learn everything on my own. HE LITERALLY TEACHES NOTHING.” 
The letter alleges that similar complaints had been brought before the faculty, but that they had been dismissed or inadequately dealt with by staff.
Dr Toni Meath, principal of the esteemed select-entry school, denied the allegations laid out in the letter. Speaking to, Dr Meath said staff had reached out to discuss and deal with the student’s concerns, and that students’ “input is valued by the whole school community.”
Regardless, a few of the crapper’s compatriots voiced similar concerns. To, one said that despite Mac.Robertson hitting seriously high educational benchmarks across the board, “we have more than some teachers who are incapable of teaching us correctly.”

The Herald Sun
spoke to one student who said many students agree with the contents of the letter, and that “it’s sad that the student or students feel that they have to go to this extreme.”
Whoever is responsible for the turds and their accompanying letter has been urged to come forward.
Read the full letter HERE.