‘Straya’s First Carl’s Jr Opens Tomorrow & Some Psycho Is Already Lining Up

My fellow Australians, tomorrow is the dawn of a new era for us all.

A glorious era. A gluttonous era. A gastronomically mighty era.
No longer will we have to gaze longingly across the Pacific at our American brethren and their artery-quivering fast food options.
No more will we cower in fear at the lines for sporadic pop-up restaurants that are gone in a literal day.
Tomorrow, we embark on a new, delicious, burgery journey together!
For tomorrow, the nation’s first Carl’s Jr opens its doors for business.
The giant US chain known for its gargantuan “thickburgers,” and it’s extremely questionable advertising campaigns will open the first of what it hopes will be many outlets tomorrow morning on the NSW Central Coast.
The brand-spanking new franchise in Bateau Bay, near The Entrance, is situated directly next door to a pre-existing McDonald’s, making the company’s intentions for the Australian market abundantly clear.
The company has plans to open some 300 stores across the country in the coming 10-15 years, and the Bateau Bay franchise owner already has approval for another 10 – with West Gosford, Tamworth, and Newcastle looking like the next targets.
There are also plans to open an outlet at Brisbane airport by July, with Hobart airport to follow later in the year.
And if the temptation to head up the coast to get involved on Day 1 is currently peaking, you might want to jump in the car ASAP. There’s already someone camping out the front of the place, and he got there at 9:45pm last night.
There’s being a burger fiend, and then there’s that bloke sending this shit into overdrive.
Oh yeah, did we mention that apparently the first 50 people through the door are gonna score a year’s worth of free burgers?
Because that’s happening.
Seriously. You’d better bounce. Quick.
Source: News.com.au.
Photo: Supplied.