‘Strayan Genius Floats Zooper Dooper Trade To Offload Space Pineapple

Real talk: You’re never going to please absolutely everyone with a thing. It’s about as close to literally impossible as you’re ever likely to see.

And that’s even truer when it comes to multi-packs of foodstuffs with multiple flavours – some are just bound to be favoured by people. For every stripe of chocolate and vanilla in the tub of Neapolitan, there’s gotta be one of strawberry, ya feel?
And when it comes to Zooper Doopers, there’s always gonna be a few of the same flavour that always winds up being the last ones in the bag. It’s annoying, but it’s unavoidable.
But if one absolute genius has his way, the solution to that issue is through shrewd trading.
A post made on Facebook – that subsequently made its way to Imgur and Reddit – by an unnamed person details their unbridled hatred of the Space Pineapple flavoured frozen treats. But it also posits a solution.
Say, perhaps, there was a person out there who actually loved the Space Pineapple, but disliked Orange Quadrant or Deep Space Lime. Say that love of Space Pineapple from one person matched the hate of it from the original poster. You’d simply meet up, and swap over flavours. One man’s last Zooper Dooper in the bag, is another’s delicious summer favourite.
The full post reads this-wise:
That’s freaking BEAUTIFUL. It’s glorious. It’s neat, tidy, it celebrates community, it promotes food wastage minimisation, it fosters friendships, encourages open communication, breeds fair trade, the lot.
There’s no pretension in a Zooper Dooper trading regime. Just the free and equal exchange of delicious summery treats. No flavour is more inherently valuable than any other. It’s a straight-up one-to-one system.
That’s how you bring about world peace, mates. No with an iron fist, but with a freezer full of flavour.
Source: Imgur.