People Are Preparing To Legitimately Storm Area 51 Tomorrow & Look, It’s Probably Not Wise

storm area 51 naruto run

Just as we all predicted, people are actually preparing to storm Area 51 tomorrow as part of the ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’ Facebook event. Yep. It looks like it’s actually happening.

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Nope, it’s not just an internet meme, people are legitimately preparing to storm the top secret US military base. Terrifying, I know.

The original Facebook event was deleted back on August 3 after a whopping 2 million people clicked attending, but a number of subsequent event pages have been set up to remind us all to save the date.

The town of Rachel, which is home to 50 people and not even a grocery store, has been filled with weirdo internet people that are adamant that the government “cant stop all of them” if they storm the top secret military base tomorrow.

“It’s happening. We already have people from all over the world,” owner of Little A’Le’Inn, Rachel’s only business, said.

Yes, that is Little A’Le’Inn. Little Alien. Hilarious. Love it.

Well, folks. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the US military absolutely can and will stop all of you, likely with guns.

Dumb internet trends often spill over into real life, but usually it’s not quite as dangerous as an undisclosed number of people trying to trespass on one of the most highly guarded properties in America and probably the whole world.

But the danger and completely rational fear of being shot by a security guard isn’t enough to stop these meme-lovers from Naruto-running their way to an early grave.

Over two million people have clicked “attending” for the obviously satirical Facebook event, but not everyone understands the joke.

People are already flocking to the area, likely will full intentions of storming. Stupid, I know. Potentially lethal even. But they’re doing it. And there are a lot of them.

Despite numerous warnings, a small percentage of the people who clicked attending are actually camping out and preparing to, you guessed it, storm Area 51.

Just when you thought the internet could produce anything more ridiculous, this shit happens.

If you’re in Nevada, or planning on attending the events, please do not storm the place. They have guns. BIG ONES. And they’re not afraid to use them. For your own safety, please don’t Naruto run, storm or attempt to enter Area 51.

But if the thought of people risking their lives for a stupid internet meme has you feeling down in the dumps, here are some more humorous memes to take your mind off it.