Steven Spielberg, Dad Of The Year, Is Fully Supportive Of His Daughter’s Sex Work Career

steven spielberg mikaela

Steven Spielberg is supportive of his daughter Mikaela’s aspirations to work in porn, in what can only be described as a huge win for the normalisation of sex work.

Mikaela Spielberg, the 23-year-old adoptive daughter of the Jurassic Park director recently announced her plans to pursue a career as an adult entertainer after revealing it helped her feel empowered and confident after a history of sexual abuse and predatory behaviour.

In an interview with The Sun, Mikaela opened up about her decision, revealing how her dad and actress mum Kate Capshaw have been supportive of her choices.

“This is a positive, empowering choice, I realised there is no shame in having a fascination with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sane, consensual,” Mikaela told The Sun.

“My safety has always been a number-one priority for them. I’m doing this, not out of an urge to hurt anybody or be spiteful about it, I’m doing this because I want to honour my body in a way that’s lucrative.”

“I actually think that once they see how far I’ve come from the bottom I was at a year and a half ago, they’re going to look at this and go, ‘Wow, we actually raised are really self-assured, young lady.”

Mikaela has been self-producing solo videos for a while, but has removed her content from the internet and is now in the process of obtaining an adult entertainment permit. Her eventual goal is to become financially independent from her uber-famous Hollywood parents.

Like many sex workers, Mikaela sees her new career aspirations as a liberating, empowering decision.

“My body, my life, my income, my choice. I owe not a single person my autonomy or virtue just because of a name. My main hope is just that I get somewhere lucrative enough to where I’m not tied down financially by things. And then I can really start saying to people there’s nothing wrong with me using my body in a way that feels comfortable to support myself.

“I can’t stay dependent on my parents or even the state for that matter — not that there’s anything wrong with that — it just doesn’t feel comfortable for me.”

After years of suffering with a string of mental illnesses including anorexia, BPD and alcoholism following her sexual abuse, it appears Mikaela’s decision to pursue sex work is empowering her and making her stronger than ever.

 “Being open in this way and sharing my story and choosing this career is not a relapse for me. I actually feel very grounded and validated right now.”