Steve Price’s Own Arrogance Ruined His Decent Trump Take On ‘The Project’

Good lord, there is just so much to unpack about yesterday’s US Presidential election.

A wildcard candidate like Donald Trump ascending through the political ranks is unprecedented in America, and you better believe shell-shocked media types (read: us) will attempt to reconcile his improbable win with his obvious and damning shortcomings for the duration of his presidency.

Here’s one take we feel will take centre stage: the cultural elite may have fundamentally overlooked the overwhelming sense of disenfranchisement many American voters feel – or, at the very least, the Democratic Party utterly failed to adequately address those concerns*. In turn, the voices railing against Trump may have actually worked to push those same voters away. 

It’s an angle that’s definitely worth exploration, and pundit Steve Price brought it up last night on The Project. It’s just a shame he managed to do it in a way that served to bolster the divide in public rhetoric about the whole deal. 

During a conversation with Labor Party-affiliated commentator and Hillary Clinton supporter Jamila Rizvi, host Carrie Bickmore mentioned the demographic breakdown of Trump’s female voters. The fact 53% of white women, 4% of black women, and 26% of Latino women voted Trump caught Price’s attention, and before Rizvi could reply, he butted the hell in.

“It shows you that people in real America, in small town America, weren’t buying the bulldust coming out of the elites,”
Price said.

Rizvi responded by saying “can we cut this bullshit about the idea of there being a ‘real America?’

“If you live in a city or in a small town, you’re still an American.”

“This is why Donald Trump won. Because people like you lecture and heckle people,” Price responded. 

Cue some deserved tutting from the panel, and we have the issue reduced to a talk-show microcosm: rightly or wrongly (in this case, wrongly), elements of the right-wing feel ignored or demeaned, and overcompensate with some rudeness of their own. Or, as yesterday showed, a Donald Trump presidency.

Watch the segment below:

*Shoutouts to Bernie Sanders. Sorry, bro.

Source and photo: The Project / Twitter.