Steve Price Ends Petition Drama, Claims ‘The Project’ Owes Him Sweet FA

The Project‘s resident right-wing sounding board Steve Price has responded to a petition calling for the current affairs program to apologise over a recent verbal tussle, saying he quite simply doesn’t feel the need.

ICYMI, Price faced criticism last week for interrupting guest panellist Jamila Rizvi‘s take on the US presidential election. After she called him out for butting in, he said the reason Donald Trump won was because of left-wing voices like hers “hectoring” people. 

Host Carrie Bickmore came to Rizvi’s defence by saying Price needed to amend his tone, and that seemed to be the end of that tense moment – until over 33,000 signatories demanded Bickmore & Co. wind back their so-called “leftist bullying.”

Welp, now Price has come back to assert his own ability to defend himself. Right at the top of tonight’s show, Price nipped the issue in the bud by saying he knew nothing about the petition, and that he doesn’t feel bullied at all.

“Let’s get on with the program.”
Yes, let’s. Watch:

Source and photo: The Project / Facebook.