Steve Price Slams Dan Andrews For ~Disappearing~ After His Back Injury In Dumbest Take Ever

Steve Price

Steve Price, flapping bin lid, has criticised Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for being on sick leave for 60 days after suffering a horrific back injury and um??? Is he serious????

In a scathing opinion piece published in The Herald Sun, Price reckons “Citizen Dan” owes Victoria an apology for “disappearing” due to his debilitating injury. And once again, I must stress, is he actually being serious????

In March this year, Daniel Andrews suffered a terrible fall after slipping on wet stairs at his holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula. Andrews suffered a fracture of the T7 vertebrae in his mid-back and was placed in intensive care.

Now, Price is well aware of the extent of Andrews’ injuries, which makes the opinion piece seem even more bizarre. In fact, the flapping bin lid tried to insinuate that there may actually be more information about the fall, then what Andrews is letting on.

“Given the severity of the accident — and no-one is doubting it was serious — plus the extended time away from his desk, doesn’t the Victorian public deserve a lot more detail about what actually happened?” Price wrote.

He continued: “An update from the man himself would be handy, although I am sure he’s reluctant to take questions about what really happened that Tuesday morning, or the current state of Victoria.”

Steve, Steve, I know you’re paid to have controversial opinions, but sweetie this ain’t it. This isn’t an episode of The Sopranos, a member of the Italian mob didn’t beat Andrews from behind with a baseball bat.

Then Price tried to get weirdly poetic, and said: “It got me thinking this week of asking the question of Daniel Andrews — Where are you?”


That’s not even the worst part of the entire article. Steve Price goes one step further and compares Andrews’ back injury to CANCER. Huh???

“I once went to a news conference with South Australian Premier Don Dunstan who was dying of cancer. Dressed in a bathrobe he wanted to get the message out himself to the public,” Price wrote.

So much to unpack here. God!

Well there you have it folks, quite possibly the dumbest take ever. You can read the rest of the mess here.